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Need Fire Damage Restoration in Amityville – Call SERVPRO

2/24/2022 (Permalink)

Kitchen Wood After Fire Call the professionals at SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst (631) 319-1680. to help with fire restoration to your property.

SERVPRO Delivers Fire Damage Restoration and Repair Services in Amityville 

Common causes of fires in residential homes in Amityville and across the nation are cooking-related fires, appliances used for heating, smoking, candles, electrical and Christmas trees. Fires cause devastating damage in a matter of minutes. More damage is added by firefighters arriving and extinguishing the fire using water and chemicals. Fast action by homeowners and firefighters can contain the fire damage to one room; however, smoke residues and odors extend throughout the home.

SERVPRO provides services to building owners in Amityville with fire damage restoration, mitigation, repair, and cleanup. No matter how significant or insignificant the damage caused by the fire, our teams respond in less than four hours from your call and get to work as soon as the fire department provides clearance.

We remove standing water and chemicals, charred contents, and structure (Controlled demolition) and clean every surface to remove smoke residue and odors. Many fires in the kitchen are grease fires producing an oil-based residue that smears if not removed using appropriate detergents and solvents. Our expert teams consider all of these factors while cleaning and restoring your home.

Many residents ask what they can do to help keep their families safe during a fire:

  • Safety comes first. Have an escape plan and ensure everyone in the family is aware of the plan and knows what to do.
  • Smother grease fires by placing a lid on the pan and turning off the stove element. Leave the lid on the pan until it has cooled.
  • Smother fires in microwaves and ovens by closing the door and turning off the stove or the microwave.
  • Quick decisions are required. If you cannot control the fire, get you and your family outside and call 911.

Call SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (631) 319-1680.

What Does Fire Damage Restoration in Amityville Homes Take?

12/19/2021 (Permalink)

Here to Help Fire damage restoration services by SERVPRO are second to none. We are to help 24/7b 365 days a year.

SERVPRO Uses Regular or Advanced Approaches to Restore Properties After Fire Incidents

Whether your Amityville property is partially or vastly affected by a fire, action is necessary to restore various contents and structural materials to their preloss state. Alternatively, intervention may be essential to halt the deterioration of various materials. The effort you put in might be wasted unless you take the correct action.

You may expect fire damage restoration at your Amityville home to take complicated procedures, especially if it is the first incident you have ever dealt with. However, restoration involves many everyday actions. The only difference is the intensity levels needed or the timing required. When trained Fire Restoration Technicians from SERVPRO take over the renovation of your property, you have the assurance that all necessary equipment and procedures are available to address the damages.

Essential fire restoration takes:

  • Cleaning various areas
  • Drying wet materials
  • Deodorization
  • Organizing items

As the flames consume materials, smoke soils what is left or not reached by the fire. Therefore, you should prepare for extensive cleaning. When our SERVPRO teams visit your property, one of the early steps we take is to trace the residue spread patterns, especially on surfaces such as walls and ceilings. Residues can range from the visible dark soot and ash to the invisible but pungent wet smoke residues. 

Various cleaning procedures are necessary to eliminate all the soils, including:

  • Dry cleaning through brushing and vacuuming 
  • Wet cleaning with pressure washers and roto brushes
  • Specialized cleaning through soda or dry ice blasting

You may not associate moisture with fire damage. However, procedures like firefighting and cleaning introduce moisture at the loss site, affecting fabrics, paper, and wooden materials. The combination of moisture and fire residues can also cause or worsen odors. Drying materials to protect them from moisture damage and to manage odors is necessary. Our SERVPRO technicians use different approaches, including setting up low airflow dehumidifiers to manage moisture.

SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst takes every necessary step, including organizing and deodorizing loss sites to ensure the best outcomes from fire damage restoration. Call us at (631) 319-1680. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Amityville Fire Loss? Whom to Call for Help?

11/17/2021 (Permalink)

three servpro vehicles parked The right call is to SERVPRO for fire damage cleanup and restoration. Our Green Fleet can quickly arrive at any Amityville property.

SERVPRO Provides Fire & Water Damage Restorations in Amityville

Whenever a fire breaks out inside your house, partially combusted particles in the form of smoke get released into the air. Most fires produce both wet and dry smoke while they burn. Dry smoke is created when the fire has a lot of oxygen and burns fast. Wet smoke gets created when the fire gets minimal oxygen and burns slowly.

Whenever our SERVPRO team conducts fire restoration in Amityville, we first inspect your entire structure for damage. We can perform a wipe test that tells us what surfaces were affected by dry smoke and which areas encountered wet smoke. Since typically wet smoke is harder to remove than dry smoke, we can use different methods on the various surfaces inside your home. Kitchen fires may have a protein-based fuel source, like meat or oils, that can be especially difficult to remove. These protein-based fires also may require specific odor removal techniques.

Depending on the type of surface affected, we can use either wet or dry-cleaning methods. For example, if porous surfaces such as wallpaper or unpainted drywall get affected by soot residues, we can use dry methods to remove soot, such as dry sponge cleaning. Or, if hardwood surfaces contain soot residues, then we can use specialized chemicals to break down and remove the soils.

Even if the fire was small, it could have produced a lot of wet smoke while the fuels were smoldering. Since residues created by wet smoke are very difficult to remove, the job is best left to the professionals at SERVPRO. After we complete our inspection of your entire structure, we can do the following to help:

  • Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Clean Up
  • Smoke Remediation
  • Water & Fire Damage Restorations
  • House Fire Clean Up

Whether a small fire or a large disaster, call SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst at (631) 319-1680.

Why Should Fire Damage Restoration Experts Restore My Burned Amityville Home?

9/28/2021 (Permalink)

smoke from a fire Fire and smoke damage restoration is no DIY project. Let SERVPRO and their trained techs handle all the fire damage restoration needed for your home.

These Amityville Professionals Know How to Safely and Effectively Restore Your Home. 

Most Amityville homeowners have a lot invested in their beautiful residences and wouldn’t want to risk costly botched remediation efforts. Fortunately, enlisting the help of trained professionals with extensive experience in restoring fire-damaged homes circumvents many of the issues associated with trying to do it yourself. 

Several dangers are involved in completing fire damage restoration on your Amityville residence yourself, rather than having services like SERVPRO do it for you. These serious potential problems could be hazardous to you, inadvertently cause further damage to your home, and irreparably degrade your personal possessions. 

A few of the issues do-it-yourselfers often face or cause when trying to remediate their own homes are:

  • The ever-present threat of receiving electrical shocks from exposed wires and damaged appliances as homeowners complete their house fire clean up efforts
  • Smoke particle inhalation as residents attempt to address fire and smoke damage
  • Injuries related to falling ceilings, walls, and floors as do-it-yourselfers perform smoke remediation and fire restoration work
  • Avoidable, additional damage to structural elements that professionals would have known how to prevent
  • The destruction of cherished household contents that could have otherwise been saved
  • Costly, time-consuming, future restoration services necessitated by ineffective remediation work

With all this in mind, Amityville residents should not attempt to clean up and restore most fire damage themselves. Instead, local homeowners are better off enlisting the aid of a good nearby service provider like SERVPRO. 

So, whenever you need fire damage restoration work completed, remember that your friendly neighbors at SERVPRO of Amityville/Lindenhurst are always here to help. Call us anytime, day or night, at (631) 319-1680 for assistance.

Amityville Residents Deserve Excellent Fire Restoration Results

8/21/2021 (Permalink)

wild cook fire Kitchen fire damage may be overwhelming. SERVPRO will handle all fire damage restoration from start to finish.

Never Trust DIY Methods for Fire Restoration, Call SERVPRO to Your Amityville Home and Get the Job Done Right!

Maybe you had a small kitchen fire that caused a lot of smoke damage, or faulty wiring caused a great deal of damage on your second floor. No matter the makeup of the fire event, you need skilled fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) to handle the job. Calling in SERVPRO to your Amityville home helps you ensure that no area gets overlooked and you get the peace of mind you deserve. We are available 24/7 to get started on your fire and smoke remediation to make it “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO assesses each fire restoration project in Amityville with caution while using our proven process and fire clean-up methods. Our years of experience and industrial-grade equipment help us achieve our goals faster than any DIY methods ever could. When addressing fire damaged homes, we often:

  • Removal of all charred and unsalvageable debris
  • Initiation of smoke remediation to eliminate stubborn soot and smoke residue on all surface
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) gets addressed throughout the project with the help of powerful HEPA filtration.
  • Detailed cleaning, sanitization, and deodorization to ensure no foul odors get left behind
  • Repair or replacement of building and structural materials, along with surface refinishing or sealing with the help of controlled demolition professionals. 

The SERVPRO team works under the motto to repair versus replace whenever we can. Some materials that may call for total replacement include:

  • Drywall, panel, wallcoverings, and wainscoting
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Wood, tile or laminate flooring, baseboards, carpeting, carpet padding, and subfloor
  • Fixtures, power cabling, HVAC air ducts

House fire clean-up and fire restoration with SERVPRO of Amityville/Lindenhurst get you results. Call us at (631) 319-1680. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Fire Restoration by Pros Generates Better, Faster Results in Amityville

6/18/2021 (Permalink)

back view of servpro van When the Green Fleet Arrives, Our Amityville Neighbors Breathe a Sigh of Relief--Knowing Better IAQ Indoor Air Quality after a House Fire

SERVPRO Utilizes Proven Fire Restoration Methods to Limit Loss at Your Amityville Property

Most Amityville homeowners become dumbfounded by the speed at which a fire consumes their property. Even though first responders get there in time to extinguish the flames, there could be immense fallout and fire damage that calls for painstaking restoration efforts. SERVPRO features IICRC-certified fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) on the team to restore your property safely and efficiently.

When you call us for fire restoration in Amityville, we put our years of experience and proven methods to work. Some actions we may take to achieve our fire and smoke damage clean up goals include:

  • Smoke remediation to clean residues from various surfaces
  • Charred material repair or replacement
  • Careful cleaning, deodorization, and sanitizing
  • Surface refinishing

SERVPRO handles water & fire damage restorations with the mindset to repair rather than replace whenever possible. However, there are times when replacement is essential. Some of the materials most often removed and replaced after a fire event include:

  • Drywall, paneling, and wall coverings
  • Wooden flooring, carpeting, and baseboards
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Various utilities like air ducts or power cables

When there are areas of surface charring or soot deposits, our crew may clean and resurface to get the results we are after. In some cases, this may get done with sanding or soda blasting to remove surface charring.

SERVPRO of Amityville/Lindenhurst likes to ensure that our customers get the results they deserve when hiring us for fire restoration. You can reach us for emergency response seven days a week, 24 hours a day, by calling (631) 319-1680. We will send our Green Fleet to your door in as little as a few hours after contact.

Do You Urgently Need Fire and Smoke Cleanup Services in Lindenhurst?

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged foyer Smoke and soot rarely stay localized even in a small fire. Call SERVPRO fast effective fire damage remediation.

SERVPRO Can Offer Reliable Fire Damage Restoration Services to Lindenhurst Residents

Our SERVPRO technicians consider many factors when performing fire and smoke damage cleanup procedures in your Lindenhurst home. Walls and ceilings are part of the most affected areas during a fire incident since soot particles travel and settle in different concentrations. We understand that ceiling and wall surfaces are never uniform when it comes to their level of finishing. The materials they are made from can be different- for example, some walls may be covered by fabrics, carpeting, and even wallpaper.

How Does SERVPRO Select Appropriate Fire and Smoke Cleanup Methods For your Lindenhurst Home?

Pretesting the surfaces for cleanability is one of the first steps that our SERVPRO technicians do during fire damage restoration in Lindenhurst. We determine whether an area is dry or wet, the type of smoke deposits, and other related factors during this step. From experience, the following methods are reliable in cleaning most walls and ceilings:

  • Wet cleaning: We use this to clean surfaces with dry soot or ash and is more appropriate for wood, metal, or painted ceilings.
  • Dry Cleaning Sponge: We use it to clean non-grease-based particles from all types of ceilings. The technique can also be used to pre-clean surfaces before the application of the wet cleaning method.
  • Peroxide active cleaning: The method is used to clean porous and nonporous surfaces with heavy tar soiling.

You can depend on SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst to restore your property after a fire damage incident. Call (631) 319-1680 and work with experienced professionals to return your home to its preloss state.

Why Does Smoke Damage Spread Through a Property in Lindenhurst?

4/19/2021 (Permalink)

Smoke billowing out of a window. Smoke can devour a property, call SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst for assistance today.

SERVPRO is a Fire Damage Restoration Provider that Can Help Remove Smoke Staining from your Lindenhurst Home

Understanding the behavior of smoke and how it affects the structure of your home is an exact science. The materials used in home construction are typically natural materials that produce nitrogen oxides. These are usually in the form of dry powdery smoke deposits. Non-organic materials, which may include adhesives, have sulfur which is typically greasy.

SERVPRO technicians can assist with:

  • Smoke damage 
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Fire damaged homes

One other factor in the fire damage restoration of your Lindenhurst is the number of aerosols released. Aerosols are liquids suspended in smoke and can absorb odor or other particles causing unpleasant smells. The amount of aerosols depends mainly on the fire's temperature and the length of time that the fire was burning.

  • Dry residues typically carry fewer aerosols making standard odor removal procedures like fogging more effective.
  • Wet smokes may contain aerosols from varnishes and other synthetics, are odorous, and generally make contents non-salvageable. 
  • Wet smokes can sometimes be removed using a solvent but must be extensively pre-tested before usage.

Counteracting fire impact relies on a solid understanding of different residue types. Contact SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst for fire damage restoration technicians at (631) 319-1680.

Facing Challenges during Fire and Smoke Removal?

3/23/2021 (Permalink)

heavy smoke surrounding smoke detector Looks like this is a job for SERVPRO!

For Convenience during Fire Restoration of Your Lindenhurst Home Call SERVPRO

After a fire incident at your home, you have to address the inconvenience of residues and odor to ensure a comfortable stay. You might face unexpected challenges that might limit the effectiveness of your removal efforts.

Some of the typical reasons you might face challenges when attempting fire and smoke removal from your Lindenhurst home include:

  • Using the wrong equipment to resolve the issue
  • Improper handling of soiled materials
  • Incorrect classification of residues

SERVPRO technicians tackle cleanup and other residue removal processes conveniently through preparation. We establish which tasks the tools we have in our collection are best suited to accomplish. For instance, when cleaning fabrics or upholstery items, we understand that upholstery machines do not have filter systems for dry soils, so we do not use them to vacuum soiled fabrics. Wiping the materials with dry cleaning sponges before vacuuming also helps remove dust, pet hair, and soot.

Since cleaning is not feasible for some materials, it is necessary to identify and remove such materials. For instance, our SERVPRO technicians replace the top layers of insulation from walls to eliminate soot residues and odor from wall cavities.

SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst responds to any fire and smoke removal challenge you might face. Call us at (631) 319-1680.

Where Can Homeowners Seek Help After a Fire Ruins their Properties?

2/22/2021 (Permalink)

roaring fire in home. A fire may start by many ways in a home. But there is only one logical answer. SERVPRO has the team of experts for the fire restoration services.

They can Hire SERVPRO to Perform Fire Damage Restoration in their Amityville Homes.

A faulty heating system near the fireplace or a gas leak in the kitchen are some common causes of fire in a property. After the firefighters handle the situation, it is vital to avoid trying to restore the property. Hire a reliable fire restoration firm like SERVPRO to get your property to its preloss state.

When you contact our team of technicians to perform fire damage restoration in your Amityville home, you can be sure of receiving professional services. We restore our customer’s property using innovative techniques and high-tech equipment and tools.

What to expect during the restoration process.

  • Securing the property

We can secure the property to keep it safe from vandalism and harsh weather during the restoration process. We can board up any openings using plywood.

  • Inspecting the damage

We assess the affected area to determine the extent of the fire loss. We can then decide which restoration techniques and equipment are most effective.

  • Preserving your valuable items

We can identify salvageable items and separate them from those damaged beyond repair. Our technicians can clean, dry, and repair the salvageable valuables.

  • Cleaning the affected surface

Cleaning the fire debris and smoke strains is critical to your family’s health. Our restorers can use shampoo super concentrate mixed with brownout to clean the browning on carpets and fabrics caused by overwetting.

When there is fire damage in your home, you can count on SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst to brings things back to normal in a brief period. Call us today at (631) 319-1680. 

Lindenhurst Residents – Sit & Be Fit with Zoom Exercise Classes

1/24/2021 (Permalink)

Zoom exercise Zoom exercise classes are a perfect way to stay fit, while maintaining social distance from home.

Sit & Be Fit is an 8-Session Zoom Series You Can Experience from Home

Just because there is a need for safe social distancing, there is no reason why you cannot experience togetherness while exercising right from your own home. The Lindenhurst Memorial Library is sponsoring the Sit & Be Fit Zoom series that consists of 8 sessions. This class is available for all ages and people of all fitness levels, focusing on endurance, strength training, and more. This is your chance to enjoy a class by instructor Cindi Weiner for improved coordination, flexibility, and balance from young adults to seniors. Registration in advance is recommended to receive the Zoom link.

  • Date: Monday, January 25th, 2021
  • Time: 11 am to 12 noon EST
  • Location: Online via Zoom Class
  • Cost: Free
  • Age Group: All Ages

Regular exercise and interaction are crucial for all Lindenhurst residents, something SERVPRO of Amityville/Lindenhurst fully supports. If you have suffered from a fire in your home and require assistance with fire damage restoration, we have crews on standby ready to respond for emergency service. Call us at (631) 319-1680, and we will arrive within hours to begin debris cleanup, structural drying, soot residue removal, and full restoration.

Set Your Holiday Season Off Right in Lindenhurst

11/17/2020 (Permalink)

signage of Lindenhurst Get "Fired-Up" in the Lindenhurst Village Square during the Holiday Season Says SERVPRO

Lindenhurst residents can help to decorate the community holiday tree in the Village Square.

With the holiday season in full swing, it can be easy to lose sight of the wonder that it is to take a few quiet moments away from the rush. This is possible by joining the rest of the town to decorate the community tree here in the Village Square. On November 28th, 2020, from noon to 5 PM, all residents are welcome to attend the 'Light Up Lindy' event.

The event encourages people of all ages to give back in the holiday spirit through sharing stories, laughs, songs, and time with neighbors and friends. The afternoon is full of more than just decorating a tree, as you can also expect holiday music, cocoa, and cookies. For more information, call the city office at (631) 957-7500.

Fire damage in Lindenhurst homes can ruin your festivities without the experienced fire restoration services of our SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst professionals. Give us a call today at (631) 319-1680.

We Are Available 24/7 For All You Farmingdale Fire Damage Needs

12/19/2019 (Permalink)

A room destroyed by a fire covered in smoke and soot damage Call our experts after you experience a fire disaster, we have training in fire & smoke restoration, odor control, upholstery & fabric cleaning.

Minor Fire Damage Leaves Homeowners Inconvenienced in Farmingdale

While the tragedies and aftermaths of two- and three-alarm fires are perpetually in the news, small-sized ones can leave part of your Farmingdale home inhabitable. Despite not making the news, smaller blazes can certainly impact your family in several negative ways. SERVPRO crew members understand how smaller fires produce changes in your house, and how they impact your life. Our training covers this, as well as the most effective remediation methods to help our customers.

We want to assure you that restoring your property in Farmingdale after fire damage occurs is possible, and we can make this happen for you in the most cost-effective way possible. We discuss the work necessary, both before and during the job, to keep our customers knowledgeable about the processes taking place. 

Fire damage mitigation and restoration covers many areas of your house, with several having different options. Because we want to gain your satisfaction with the final result, our project manager is always available to answer questions and explain variations of the project in more detail.

SERVPRO teams work together to address the physical fire damage to both structure and your belongings, the odors now offending your family members' noses, and also the water used to put out the flames. Our building crew helps by taking part in the removal of any requisite materials needing tear-outs and reinstallation, cleaning of soiled carpeting and other flooring, and HVAC duct cleaning. 

Other team members set up air scrubbers, desiccant machines, and work to extract the water, and in some cases, the foam, sprayed on during firefighting efforts. Even a small fire can fill a large home with smoke, depositing soot everywhere. Repainting of some walls and ceilings might need to happen if covered with oily or greasy soot. This type of smoke residue discolors paint that otherwise remained unaffected during the fire. 

With dry soot, such as that made by cellulose-fueled fires, wiping it off with a dry sponge can leave it clean, avoiding the need for repainting. Touching up might be all that we need to do to leave it “Like it never even happened.”

Making fire damage, no matter how extensive or isolated in your Copiague or Wyandanch residence, a thing of the past, SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst is committed to our communities. Call (631) 319-1680 for 24/ assistance.

See more about Farmingdale.

SERVPRO Helps Ease the Stress for Lindenhurst Homeowners After Fire Damage

11/4/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke and soot damage on wall and ceiling around window Fires happen, but SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst is always ready to begin the restoration process.

What Lindenhurst Homeowners Should Do After A Fire 

Though the hours following a house fire can be among the most stressful and traumatic for families, they are also among the most vital for securing professional restoration for your Lindenhurst property. Our SERVPRO professionals have advanced training and years of hands-on experience in fire recovery, making us knowledgeable and confident technicians when every moment counts. Because fire loss effects can continually worsen after extinguishment, quickly getting our professionals to your residence should be a priority. 

Knowing your role in recovering the fire damage in your Lindenhurst home is crucial to ensuring that this same restoration does not cost substantially more than it should. While professional restoration is not always as affordable as many would like, we can work with your insurance company to better understand your coverage options. We can also help you understand the specifics of what your provider is willing to pay and approve regarding cleaning, debris removal, controlled demolition, and mitigation. 

Beause SERVPRO has a comprehensive approach to the restoration and recovery of your property after a fire, there is little that a homeowner must do to protect their home. We can even manage the removal and safekeeping of at-risk personal belongings to ensure that you are not contending with the loss of sentimental possessions that no recovery effort can repair. 

Securing our service is an essential initial step for homeowners to take, and that starts with calling our emergency number. Regardless of the time, you can get in touch with a real person who can notify our fire loss team to mobilize. Within hours, we have boots on the ground, and we are arriving at your home to begin our scoping of the damage and the preliminary mitigation tactics like content management and air quality improvement. 

While you might not always know the best plan after a fire has occurred in your home, you can always expect a full, fast response from our SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst team. We have experience and cutting-edge equipment to make fire losses “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at (631) 319-1680.

More about Lindenhurst.

We Can Handle Any Size Disaster In Lindenhurst

9/10/2019 (Permalink)

bedroom that is covered in smoke and soot damage from a fire You can contact our professionals 24/7. Our fire damage experts are trained in fire & smoke restoration, odor control, upholstery and fabric cleaning.

If Your Home Has One of These, Lack of Maintenance Can Bring Fire Damage to Your Lindenhurst Home

Many homes have fireplaces, and even if used occasionally, the need for regular maintenance is crucial to prevent fire damage. The culprit in many fires of this type is a creosote buildup in the chimney. Creosote is a byproduct of burning wood and is sticky, difficult to remove, and ignites easily. Fortunately, this type of fire loss is preventable with the regular removal of the buildup of combustible materials in the home's chimney and ensuring the damper functions properly.

When SERVPRO technicians clean up fire damage in Lindenhurst homes where the fire originated from the fireplace, they pay special attention to the smoke damage on various surfaces in the house. As fire consumes objects, different types of residues get left behind, and each has its own unique requirements for proper cleansing for the best outcome. 

Smoke Damage Brick is Often Restorable

After a fire loss event, homeowners do not have to resign themselves to living with blackened brickwork around the fireplace. Although unsealed brick is porous, it often has restoration potential upon the application of the correct cleaning methods. While traditional liquid solutions can drive soot deeper into brickwork, professional-grade acid-based cleaners work to release and dissolve the residue for easy wiping away. 

OSHA-Based Training

Using knowledge and methods approved and taught by OSHA, SERVPRO technicians safely turn around fire loss in the home with the expert use of cleaners and techniques to eliminate soot and smoke damage from homes.  

Smoke Odors Eliminated from Carpet

When fire damage occurs in a carpeted room, as hot air expands the smoke and odors get driven into porous objects and carpet is no exception. Fortunately, unless the fibers received damage from charring, the carpet frequently has restoration potential through deep cleaning and odor control methods to return it to its preloss condition. 

SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst is available 24/7 by calling (631) 319-1680 for cleanup and restoration services from fire damage in your home. No matter if the fire loss is small or large, We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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How to Make The Best Out of Fire Damage Remediation in Your Lindenhurst Residence

8/4/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage can wreak havoc on all your belongings. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Our Warehouse's Layout Makes Recovering from Fire Damage Easier for Families in Lindenhurst

Part of the problem that families in Lindenhurst experience after a fire involves the contents of their home, and in particular, their most valuable possessions. Objects passed down from earlier generations or other significant people, awards, and mementos are only a fraction of the irreplaceable belongings found in most homes. Restoring as many of these as possible for our customers requires more than equipment and skills – we also need dedicated space to make this possible.

Helping families in Lindenhurst recover from fire damage in a timely manner is possible because of the way we set up our warehouse. The different areas help our skilled technicians use the necessary equipment to work quickly. Containing several different well-defined areas, we can efficiently process the contents of your home. Keeping each stage of the restoration process separate from the other steps helps us eliminate cross-contamination from dust, soot, and other soiling. It also cuts down unproductive repetitiveness that lengthens the time before we could return those belongings to the customer.

A variety of distinct chambers and spaces all help SERVPRO technicians keep track of your items, as well the stage of each item. When you need to know a particular item's location, we can look that up and tell you. The warehouse's layout also helps us manage damaged items that you and your insurance adjuster need to discuss before we continue the cleaning and restoration process. Some adjusters opt to replace to gain the full benefits of new items over others that may have needed replacing in a short time, regardless of the fire's occurrence.

  • A cleaning and deodorization section where our specialists use different methods to remove soot and other soiling typical to fire-damaged contents. We also check for breakage that might have gone undetected previously,
  • an ozone chamber for items that still require some work before we consider them suitable to return to our customer, this area remains enclosed to trap the ozone inside so other areas of the warehouse stay fully functional, 
  • a drying chamber for any wet items that, when first arriving, show no signs of soot, but hold moisture from the firefighters' visit. Items that we clean with wet methods also end up here, to finish the restoration process, 
  • a soiled storage area is the first stop for most items, where we check inventory sheets and ensure that no hazards like liquids leaking or broken, sharp edges exist, and 
  • a cleaned storage space, placed away from the soiled storage area, contains items ready to go back to the customer's home.

Not all contents follow the same path through our warehouse, but SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst knows how to restore your belongings, helping make everything “Like it never even happened,” fast. Call us for fire damage restoration at (631) 319-1680 when your Copiague, Farmingdale, or Wyandanch property needs disaster recovery.

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Why Hiring SERVPRO Is Your Best Option After A Fire In Your Amityville Home

6/4/2019 (Permalink)

Call (631) 319-1680 as soon as your property is released by officials so we can assess, plan, and begin abatement.

The Difference Professional  Remediation Makes For Your Fire Damaged Amityville Home

A fire in your Amityville dwelling is a life-changing event. Fear for the safety of your family competes with the confusion and helplessness you feel surveying the extent of the damage. Homeowners do not know which part of the damage to address first, concerned that any attempts they make to fix the situation might make the harm even worse. Our skilled crews have the training and the experience to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Fire damage in your Amityville home is corrosive, causing progressively more severe destruction the longer it goes unabated. Our technicians prepare to help with your project by attending the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) courses, mastering effective fire damage mitigation strategies, and the industry’s best practices. Crew members hold multiple certifications including Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician (FSRT), Odor Control Technician (OCT), and Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician (UFT).

Because water damage from fire fighting efforts is present after almost every blaze, SERVPRO’s Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) begin the remediation process. Water damage is equally as devastating to your home as fire damage, and removing water first is an important safety requirement. Extracting the water and drying the structure, minimizing slip and fall and electric shock potential as other fire damage cleanup proceeds.

Our team is familiar with the range of different types of sooty deposits likely on surfaces. SERVPRO service vehicles stock tools and products to manage the residues in your dwelling. We expect to match more than one kind of soot with the most effective strategy as the soiling varies space to space depending on the fuels burned. Ashy soot from a hot, fast wood or paper blaze vacuums and dry sponges away. Kitchen fires produce protein-based soot that is nearly invisible but clings tenaciously to all surfaces. Solvents and abrasive tools release the coating, and deodorization is crucial as this type of residue is highly odiferous.

Electrical fires and smoldering fabric or padding lay down a thick, sticky type of soot that requires agitation and a cleaner with surfactants and wetting agents to loosen. SERVPRO technicians select the appropriate approach for each kind of damage, avoiding smearing and grinding in the residues.

SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst offers both trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment to remediate fire damage. Call (631) 319-1680 as soon as your property is released by officials so we can assess, plan, and begin abatement.

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