What our Customers say...


I didn’t think a broken hose on my fridge would lead to such a mess, but there it was. Your techs were so nice and friendly even though I was livid with the entire mess. Thanks for helping me understand what needed to be removed. My kitchen is like new again.

We were on vacation when the storm came through over the summer. Thankfully we called you before it turned into a moldy mess. Thanks for coming out over the weekend and double thanks for helping us to take care of some of the insurance paperwork.

Never realized that special paints or sealers can lock in odors, but this fire is as good as gone. No more nasty smoke smell and everything looks just like it did before the electrical fire we had. I’ll tell my friends to call you if they have an emergency!

Our church had some flooding when the water heater had a pipe issue. Your crew took under an hour to arrive and the entire project was wrapped up within a week. We are just amazed by all the results, thank you very much!

We didn’t know where to turn when trying to help out a family member/hoarder. The mess was overwhelming, but we needed a deep clean and also found mold. You guys are the best and now we know everything is dry, clean, and sanitized.

Even though we had to have all the carpeting removed from the kid’s play room after the water heater failed and flooded the space, you guys made an otherwise bitter pill easier to swallow. Thanks for making sure this didn’t cost us more money by getting it dried up quickly.

I thought I was going to have to pack up and move out after our sewer backup. You guys are troopers and I cannot believe the mess is completely gone. I actually thought it would take so much longer. We all thank you, and our sniffers thank you!

We had a nasty water leak in our office that caused moisture to get into our document room. I didn’t even realize that you could salvage paperwork, but your techs did it! Highly recommend your team for water and drying services.

My mother is staying in our studio apartment above the garage and had a small heater that caught fire. The smell from the charred paneling was awful, but your SERVPRO guys tackled all of the stench and you can’t even tell that a fire took place. Beyond grateful.

Groundwater is gross when it comes into your basement. We didn’t have any of the right cleaning tools and our wet-vac wasn’t cutting it. I am glad we called you and that the SERVPRO team took care of the extraction and drying for us!

The basketball court at my rec center took on damage after a huge leak. A lot of the hardwood had to go, but portions were replaced and you guys made sure that we had little downtime. The kids, myself and the staff thank you for your hard work. A+!

Stoked on the customer service you gave us when we called for assistance recently. Your crew found all of the hidden water pockets my team would have otherwise missed and it saved us a lot of time and manpower. Great service for my business!

My kids were already scared from the storm, so telling them their stuff might be ruined was even worse. Thanks a bunch for all the hard work your team put into cleaning and drying all of the wet contents of their playroom in the basement. The flooding was a nightmare, but you handled it for us!

We thought we lost all of our pictures and keepsakes due to the fire, but your team managed to save mostly everything. Some items took a lot of detailed cleaning, but I cannot say enough about your caring technicians. You treated our stuff like it was your own. Awesome!

The crew really made it easy for me to make sure that our stuff got moved out of harms way for cleaning. After the pipe broke, your SERVPRO team wasted no time getting all the standing water out, and even saved our flooring in the bathroom! My wife was thrilled, we both were.

Thanks so much to Jimmy and Paul and your teams for restoring our personal belongings.  We knew the house could be rebuilt after the fire, but we were so worried about all our things.  You did a beautiful job restoring everything!

Your technicians worked very quietly alongside us and we were able to continue working, so no lost time or production. That was my greatest fear and you solved it.  We truly are eternally grateful.

So next time it rains we'll remember to close the window LOL! SERVPRO dried it all out and there was no permanent damage, so it all came out fine.

They did a fine job and the price was reasonable.  I would recommend them to anyone.

The workers were exceptionally polite and professional.  They did a fantastic job.  There are no lingering smoke odors and the place is perfectly clean.  

I would give them 6 stars if I could.  This is the best service company I have ever worked with.  Their quality and courtesy is refreshing compared to what you normally receive these days.

Well this was a much bigger job than we thought it was going to be, but you guys did great with it.  I was scared about it at first,  but your crew just came in here and they got right to work and knew what they were doing so I didn't worry anymore, and it all came out great.

Thanks for doing such a nice job.  Your workers were very polite and very careful with our things and we really appreciate that.  

A pleasure to work with.  We would definitely call you again.

Your team did a really thorough job and our house is cleaner that it was before the fire.  Communication was excellent too. Can't say enough really.

I really appreciate my adjuster referring me to this company.  They have done a terrific job.  

Definitely you were the right people for the job, and you didn't over charge me, so I would use you again without hesitation.

Christine and Paul were very helpful in getting this worked out with our insurance company.  Excellent service overall.

There is no doubt in my mind we would be out of business permanently if it wasn't for your fast response. It is done, and we're back in business, and we're thankful.

Polite and professional team!

Everything went well, and Paul has been terrific to work with.  He maintained great communication throughout. If this ever happens again we will know who to call.

Your workers were courteous and professional. We were able to go on working as they worked quietly next to us.  No down-time!

You have been wonderful through this process. Thanks to you our lives are back to normal, which I wouldn't have thought possible just a few months ago.  Thank you for your compassionate support and first rate services during such a terrible time.

We had such a mess until you showed up. You are lifesavers! We'll be spreading the word too.

The team was fantastic. Showed up right on time everyday and worked efficiently.  Beautiful job.