What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

We were on vacation when the storm came through over the summer. Thankfully we called you before it turned into a moldy mess. Thanks for coming out over the weekend and double thanks for helping us to take care of some of the insurance paperwork.

Groundwater is gross when it comes into your basement. We didn’t have any of the right cleaning tools and our wet-vac wasn’t cutting it. I am glad we called you and that the SERVPRO team took care of the extraction and drying for us!

My kids were already scared from the storm, so telling them their stuff might be ruined was even worse. Thanks a bunch for all the hard work your team put into cleaning and drying all of the wet contents of their playroom in the basement. The flooding was a nightmare, but you handled it for us!

So next time it rains we'll remember to close the window LOL! SERVPRO dried it all out and there was no permanent damage, so it all came out fine.

Well this was a much bigger job than we thought it was going to be, but you guys did great with it.  I was scared about it at first,  but your crew just came in here and they got right to work and knew what they were doing so I didn't worry anymore, and it all came out great.

Christine and Paul were very helpful in getting this worked out with our insurance company.  Excellent service overall.

Everything went well, and Paul has been terrific to work with.  He maintained great communication throughout. If this ever happens again we will know who to call.