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SERVPRO Provides Mold Remediation to Residents of Lindenhurst

2/8/2022 (Permalink)

Pipe Leak Let our fast response team eliminate further mold growth due to water leaks. Call your local professionals of SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst.

Why Does SERVPRO Respond So Fast to Water Leaks in Lindenhurst?

Water leaks and condensation occur during the most inopportune times in Lindenhurst homes and businesses. Small leaks are often ignored until damage to structure begins, or mold infestations become noticeable. The first time building owners notice mold is when they smell the strong, musty odor from mold colonies. Mold can cause health effects.

SERVPRO provides mold remediation to building owners and residents in Lindenhurst. Our mold removal experts understand how quickly mold colonies can grow and begin distributing mold spores throughout your building. Mold colonies start growing in as little as 24 to 48 hours after a water leak. Our fast response can minimize the impact of the water leak and mold growth, preventing further damage to contents and structure from mold infestations.

Our customers also ask what they can do to avoid mold infestations and minimize the impact of mold in their homes and businesses. Solutions include the following:

  • Take immediate action as soon as mold colonies begin forming
  • Call SERVPRO for help in removing the mold. Our technicians respond in less than four hours from your phone call
  • Eliminate the source of moisture that contributes to mold growth
  • Clean up all of the water from leaks and dry the contents and structure
  • Maintain humidity levels below 45% 

SERVPRO evaluates the mold infestation and prepares recommendations on treating the mold infestations. We establish negative air barriers to prevent mold spores from being distributed to other areas of the premises during mold removal and cleaning. Our fast response can limit the amount of damage and clean up the mold before it becomes a major problem.

Call SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (631) 319-1680.

Steps Amityville Homeowners Can Take to Prevent Water Damage this Winter

12/27/2021 (Permalink)

frozen pipe sign Frozen pipes will cause major issuers for your home. SERVPRO storm damage restoration specialists will be onsite within 4 hours of the initial call.

Many preventative measures can protect Amityville homes from costly winter damage.

With the placement of Amityville and Lindenhurst on Long Island, this area of New York often experiences steep temperature drops and contends with heavy snowfall. Understanding your role in protecting your home from disasters during the winter months can often prevent costly destructive emergencies.

Preparing for a Harsh Winter Season

Frozen pipes and ice damming in Amityville homes are consistent threats during the wintertime. Cold air can wreak havoc on under-insulated areas of your home. Some preventative measures to help include:

  • Insulate Any Exposed Pipes – Vulnerable pipes are often with no insulation or too little for the potential cold weather they might endure. New insulation material is cheap and simple to install. 
  • Drain Out Water in Unused Plumbing – Supply lines to fixtures like pools or other structures on the property should be drained if they are not continually used through the winter months. 
  • Heated Cables on the Roof – Because ice damming typically occurs on the eaves of the roof, installing heated cables to this portion of your home's exterior can eliminate the possibility of ice formation.

Do Frozen Pipes Always Burst? 

When pipes freeze, this does not necessarily indicate a rupture or break of the water service line. In many cases, this damage can be averted by using a hairdryer or other direct-heat implement to warm the water inside of the pipe and resume its flow.

While every cold snap might not spell disaster for your residence, it is nice to have a team of qualified professionals standing by to help when damages do occur. Our SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst team provides fast and reliable mitigation of standing water and flooding threats when you need it most. Call us today at (631) 319-1680.

Whom Do I Call for Mold Damage Cleanup for My Lindenhurst Home?

11/9/2021 (Permalink)

drawing of mold life cycle SERVPRO AMRT technicians understand and remediate mold growth in Lindenhurst homes.

SERVPRO Assists Lindenhurst Residents with Black Mold Damage Remediation

Everyone living on the East Coast knows about mold and how easily it can form due to the high humidity in the region. Various types of fungi exist outdoors, but what happens when they make their way into your dwelling? The answer to that question is, a fungus can quickly grow and spread once it forms.

Mold damage in Lindenhurst can start as minor but then become a major problem in a short time. Spores created by the fungi can also float around your building and affect other areas far away from the initial source. And, since mold can cause health effects, it is sensible to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO.

We have a highly trained team that follows guidelines by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Our office is nearby, and we can provide fast 24/7 service. We have access to the industry's most advanced technology to provide you with the following services:

•    Mold Inspections
•    Attic Mold Remediation
•    Bathroom Mold Remediation
•    Basement Mold Remediation
•    Black Mold Damage Repairs

Since spores can spread through your house so quickly, one of our main goals is to prevent future fungal growth. We can accomplish this by setting up a containment chamber around the affected area. We can then create negative air pressure inside the contained room to catch any harmful particles in the air using an air scrubber. After the affected building materials get removed, we can then treat the area with antimicrobial solutions or seal it with a specialized sealant paint like Killz.

Any time you see even a tiny amount of black mold starting to form in your house, call SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst at (631) 319-1680.

What Makes SERVPRO Better Than Other Amityville Mold Remediation Companies?

9/23/2021 (Permalink)

mold spore Mold colonies will spread like wildfire within 24 to 48 hours. SERVPRO will be on-site within 4 hours of the initial call.

SERVPRO’s Skill in Protecting Amityville Homes from Mold Makes It a Top Remediator. 

When mold grows in your Amityville home, it’s only a matter of time before its livability is significantly impacted. First, your residence starts to become a less aesthetically pleasing and comfortable place to live. However, if left unaddressed, this issue could eventually render your house uninhabitable. This is why it’s a good idea to hire a quality mold remediation service.

If you are seeking assistance from mold remediation companies in Amityville, SERVPRO is perhaps the best one in the area. We have earned that status over the years by protecting our neighbors’ property from mold damage better than most other area clean-up and restoration firms. Our highly skilled mold specialists have done this by performing a wide range of services, including: 

  • Professional mold inspection of all parts of impacted residences using state-of-the-art infrared cameras, moisture sensors, moisture meters, and thermohygrometers
  • Difficult attic mold removal, bathroom mold removal, and basement mold remediation work that employs SERVPROxide antifungal spray, powerful fans, and dehumidifiers
  • Expert black mold damage repairs that have reversed severe structural damage and saved the prized possessions of countless local homeowners 
  • Thorough air filtration and sanitization with advanced HEPA filtered air scrubbers that remove mold spores from the interior air of homes
  • Complete neutralization of foul, mold-related odors with high-tech foggers and commercial-grade deodorants

Considering all of this, it is no wonder why more homeowners are choosing SERVPRO to clean up their mold-related messes.

Regardless of the type or severity of your mold damage, SERVPRO of Amityville/Lindenhurst can likely do more for you than other area mold remediation companies. So, call us at (631) 319-1680 whenever you need help.

What Does A Rebuild Mean During Mold Remediation In Lindenhurst Homes?

7/29/2021 (Permalink)

"Mold damage can happen out of sight" Mold can be a serious issue in your home. Don't let mold take over. Call SERVPRO for help today.

SERVPRO Helps Manage Complex Mold Removal Processes Restoring Pre-Loss Conditions

If the mold infestation in your Lindenhurst home is widespread, it might require removing all porous structural materials such as wall panels and insulation in the entire structure or specific sections such as rooms. The process is called a rebuild because, after removal, new materials must be installed.

Doing a rebuild as part of mold remediation efforts in Lindenhurst properties is very involved since it requires a skillful teardown of materials without affecting the rest of the structure. Removing moldy materials can also be risky since mold can cause health effects. Our SERVPRO crews are prepared with everything from hand tools to PPE, ensuring they can handle the removal, reinstallation, and refinishing of affected areas.

Rebuilds can help resolve various situations, including:

  • Attic mold removal
  • Black mold damage repairs
  • Basement mold remediation
  • Bathroom mold removal

Before deciding to do a rebuild, our SERVPRO technicians do a full assessment of the structure. We use thermal cameras to check for hidden moisture pockets. Drilling small holes into wall or ceiling panels also helps us inspect the property non-invasively using borescopes.

Proper management of moldy debris is necessary during the rebuild. Our SERVPRO technicians first set up airtight barriers using plastic sheets, thus containing the moldy debris and spores within the affected area when we start demolition. We also use zip-lock trash bags to collect the wastes for disposal.

Other useful steps for mold control include:

  • Cleaning the bare structure with sporicides and antimicrobials
  • HEPA vacuuming surfaces to remove all trace debris
  • Drying any wet areas

SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst offers quality mold remediation services restoring properties to their preloss state. Call us at (631) 319-1680. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Can Water Damaged Documents Be Restored in Lindenhurst?

5/28/2021 (Permalink)

collection of vintage photos resting on board Don't lose family treasures to water damage. Call SERVPRO!

For Lindenhurst Homeowners, SERVPRO’s Restoration Techniques Can Help Salvage Photos and Wet Documents

Water seeping through the ceiling from an overflowing tub or washing machine can damage documents and pictures in the room below. If you have priceless photo albums stored in the attic or basement and a water intrusion happens, you may think all is lost.

Can Wet Papers and Pictures Be Salvaged after a Water-Damaging Event?

Books, photos, and papers are much more fragile than most things when wet. Homeowners often think any material like that has to get thrown away if it is wet. But our production facility technicians have solutions to water damage in Lindenhurst when it impacts pictures or documents.

Freeze Drying Can Help

Freeze-drying, or sublimation, is a specialized method used to restore water damaged documents. Homeowners can benefit from this process. Here is how it works:

  • The process uses pressurized chambers filled with dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide.) This instantaneous freezing prevents further degradation. The pressure releases, and the frozen water sublimates with the CO2 into a gaseous state. Thawing does not cause additional wetting. The papers may not look like they did initially, but the information gets saved. 
  • Precious photos are saved with this process, keeping the memories for the future.
  • This process does not always work

SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst provides innovative solutions for water damaged papers and pictures. Contact us at (631) 319-1680 for more information and ensure your memories and vital information are salvaged.

Why SERVPRO Is a Number One Fire Restoration Service Provider in Amityville

5/10/2021 (Permalink)

back and side view of SERVPRO vehicle sitting in parking space Our vehicles are loaded with restoration equipment for any scope of fire damage your home may incur.

SERVPRO Cleans Fire Damaged Homes in Amityville

Accidents happen, and if that accident happens to be a fire, then at some time, you may need to work with a reliable fire damage restoration firm in Amityville. SERVPRO is an industry leader in the restoration industry with highly trained staff - who are IICRC certified and follow the state and set standards when restoring your property. Our technicians have handled many fire emergencies and possess the experience to restore your property to its preloss condition.

At SERVPRO, we work around the clock since we understand that fire damage emergencies are common in Amityville and can happen at any time of the day. You can call us on any day of the week - including all holidays - and expect us to serve you with the professionalism you deserve. We are Faster To Any Size Disaster, so you should not worry about your business operations getting delayed with our restoration work.

Our SERVPRO technicians use advanced technology and procedures when restoring your property. It explains why we have always restored properties to their former condition reliably and quickly. For instance, we use air scrubbers, thermal foggers, and appropriate deodorizing agents to deodorize and remove the strong odors that a fire leaves behind.

SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst can immediately respond since it is locally owned and operated. Call (631) 319-1680 to work with our talented technicians and make it "Like it never even happened."

Why You Need A Versatile Mold Remediation Service In Amityville

4/15/2021 (Permalink)

Mold on a white wall Mold can take over before you even know about it. Call SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst for assistance.

SERVPRO helps Amityville residents with mold remediation in many areas

Mold growth is a problem that can occur in any home. All mold needs to grow is an organic food source, moisture, darkness, and the correct temperature.

There are many areas where you might mold remediation in your Amityville home. The fungus can grow in the corners of bathrooms and kitchens, in storage areas, books, or even furniture. That is why you need a mold remediation crew that knows how to deal with all mold situations.

SERVPRO has the knowledge and tools to handle all kinds of mold. We can:

  • Use freeze-drying to stop further damage to books.
  • Use media blasting to deal with mold on brickwork or in crawl spaces.
  • Dry brush and HEPA vacuum mold from furniture or walls.
  • Use ultrasonic or hydraulic cleaning to deal with mold on utensils or textiles.

No matter what the mold problem, our technicians will dry the area, so there is less risk of the fungus coming back. We will also deodorize to get rid of that lingering moldy smell.

For a thorough mold remediation service, call SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst at (631) 319-1680.

What Impact Does Fire Have on a Property?

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

Smoke and soot damage on wall Even small fires cause a lot of stress. SERVPRO is ready and available to restore your home.

SERVPRO Can Reduce the Impact of Fire on your Amityville Home Using Professional Restoration Techniques

Fires are traumatic events. They can often threaten the safety of you or your family. Once the flames are extinguished, disruption to your life continues as you seek to repair or restore the home. The types of damage most commonly associated with fire are physical, smoke staining, and odor. 

Our team is experts at performing fire restoration here in Amityville. We have experience dealing with odors, structure & contents cleaning, and repair of damaged contents. SERVPRO provides technicians with the equipment they need to return a home to its preloss condition. We can often restore contents to prevent you from having to seek out expensive replacements. 

  • Immersion cleaners use ultrasonic soundwaves to agitate soiling on non-porous items like high-value ornaments or drapery rods. 
  • Our carpet cleaning services have a tiered approach tailored to the type and severity of damages in your home. 
  • We can thoroughly deodorize your home and contents to remove any unpleasant odors caused by fire. 

Restoring items is more cost and time effective than replacing them. Contact SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst for fire restoration at (631) 319-1680.

How Can Property Owners Restore their Homes After Discovering Mold Damage?

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage ceiling Mold can spread within 24 to 48 hours. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for the mold remediation services needed.

They Can Contact SERVPRO Professionals to Perform Mold Damage Restoration in their Lindenhurst Homes

Mold is scary to most property owners because it can cause health effects to them and their families. If you have noticed mold damage in your home, do not hesitate to contact experts from SERVPRO to eliminate the mold.

Mold damage remediation in Lindenhurst involves more than removing what is visible on the walls or corners. Mold can also grow behind doors and around dark corners. Mold growth occurs due to high moisture levels. It is vital to dry the property and disinfect the affected area effectively. We can locate the source of moisture before we restore the moldy area. Our mold remediation service involves:

  • Repairing any water issues to prevent mold growth from reoccurring.
  • Isolating the contaminated area using polythene paper to minimize the spread of mold spores.
  • Removing and placing contaminated materials in plastic bags.
  • Cleaning mold affected area using our advanced products.

For fast and effective drying, we can use structural cavity drying equipment to access moisture in hard to reach areas and run several axial air movers to increase air movement in the affected area. This helps in minimizing the chances of mold growth reoccurring. After cleaning and drying the affected area, our technicians can conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that your property is dry.

Mold spores can grow within 24 to 48 hours and cause health effects. Contact SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst to make it “Like it never even happened.” Our helpline is 631) 319-1680.

Amityville Residents – Get Creative with Virtual Painting through the Amityville Library

12/25/2020 (Permalink)

Two SERVPRO service vehicles outside. Had a fire in your home? Don't know what to do or who to call? Call the pros at SERVPRO for the fire restoration help you need.

Happy Snowman on Wood is the Current Virtual Video Learning Craft Via the Library’s Facebook Page

Are you interested in honing your artistic skills? The Amityville Public Library is always coming up with new ways that you can stay involved with the community and art projects, all while staying home to safely social distance. For December, the Virtual Video Link for the Library’s latest painting project is Happy Snowman on Wood. You can follow along with Miss Shirley from your computer to paint a snowman on a piece of a wood pallet. All you have to do is sign up and then pick up a craft kit with a curbside appointment. Registration in advance is required.

  • Date: Wednesday, December 30th, 2020
  • Time: At your convenience
  • Cost: Free
  • Location: From the comfort of your own home via Virtual Video Link on the Library Facebook Page
  • Age: Teens and adults

SERVPRO of Amityville/Lindenhurst is always supportive of our local Library and the community. Why call us when you have a fire in your home? We have all of the methods, equipment, and manpower to handle your fire damage restoration needs. Our crews are available for emergency service 24 hours a day by calling (631) 319-1680.

Our Specialists Discuss The Science Of Drying Your Flooded Amityville Home

1/26/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on the wall Moisture must get dealt with, or conditions can easily get met for secondary effects like mold growth.

The Science of Drying Flooded Amityville Homes

Drying a damaged Amityville home is never a one-size-fits-all solution. We must address many of the same threats from one property to the next, but the drying solutions must change per the affected materials, migration of the damage, and the severity of the saturation. Our trained restoration professionals have extensive education through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in the science of drying to apply practical solutions to the projects we undertake.

Knowing the balance between airflow, humidity, and temperature can help our SERVPRO team gain control of flood damage in Amityville homes. How each of these elements can help or harm the drying process is vital information to providing efficient service to our customers.

Heating surfaces and moist areas can often increase the drying rate, but not without drawbacks. Many surfaces cannot get heated up too quickly or too fiercely, as it can damage their appearance and functionality. Our technicians must evaluate any material that requires heat to speed up drying to ensure that the right limitations exist to protect the property above all else.

The movement of air through a damaged region of the house is essential to continue evaporative drying efforts. In many situations, this component of drying science hinges on the use of air movers. The movement of air can help to clear a cool barrier from the surface as the water evaporates, allowing for other drying processes to continue being productive.

As water evaporates, the humidity in the room rises. Moisture must get dealt with, or conditions can easily get met for secondary effects like mold growth. In an area already prone to higher humidity levels, the calculated placement of desiccant dehumidifiers can remove moisture from the air and help to expedite drying after flooding conditions.

While extraction is often one of the initial stages of recovery after a flood, our SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst must balance several factors to offer the most effective drying efforts possible. The better we can maintain this balance, the more of the affected materials and contents of your home that can get restored completely. Give us a call anytime at (631) 319-1680.

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How Deodorizing Tools Work After Fires in Amityville Homes

12/18/2019 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO truck parked in a parking lot. Amityville your fire damage needs SERVPRO’s tools and reliability.

SERVPRO has the time trained and tools to properly handle your Amityville fire damage.

After a fire gets extinguished in Amityville homes, the work of a professional restorer begins. Through careful inspection and scoping of the present damage in the property, our SERVPRO team can determine the most efficient and cost-effective approaches to restore and recover nearly every damaged area in the house. We even have an in-house team of licensed general contractors that can work on controlled demolition, full-scale reconstruction, and other emergency services that your damaged home needs.

Lingering odors can be one of the most challenging and stubborn fire damages in Amityville properties, especially if these effects have infiltrated porous surfaces like fabrics and drywall. Even without structural concerns, the existence of heavier saturation of smoke odors can be a struggle for our sophisticated tools to reach and neutralize. Choosing the right equipment is vital to eliminate smoke and charring odors permanently.

Ozone Generator

A portable version of our ozone chamber is one of the most versatile deodorization tools available to our SERVPRO professionals. These units create an unstable gas that contains three oxygen molecules (ozone.) This gas reacts with odor compounds by bonding with them and neutralizing it on contact. The production and presence of ozone are hazardous to living creatures, however, so the unit runs for a designated time and then has a chance to air out before our technicians return.

Hydroxyl Machine / Photocatalytic Oxidizer 

Ultraviolet rays are another effective method for cleaning and deodorizing an environment. These machines use UV rays to generate hydroxyl radicals, which can break down existing foul odors in the area to a combination of carbon dioxide and water. This unit can treat a larger affected area with the appropriate containment barriers.

Air Scrubber 

Often one of the most effective strategies for reducing the severity of odors after fires get extinguished is to filter the air in the damaged zones. Air scrubbers, and any other filtration equipment, pull dirty air through a HEPA filter in the machine to begin trapping particles, debris, and ash circulating in the room.

Fire odors can be a challenge to overcome, but our SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst team can help. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, and you can reach us 24/7 at (631) 319-1680.

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How SERVPRO Restorers Recover Amityville Homes and Businesses

9/25/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vans in a parking lot. Let us help you get your Amityville community back in order after a devastation.

We will show you all you need to know for your Amityville location.

Establishing and maintaining your reputation in Amityville and its surrounding areas is not something that happens easily. We have worked for years to gain credibility with our customers and showcase our ability to exceed the expectations of our clients for their homes and businesses. We have earned our place among the premier cleaning and restoration companies in the region. In this pursuit for customer loyalty, our entire SERVPRO team has evolved into a restoration service provider that can offer recovery solutions in every niche of our industry. The bulk of our work still falls with water, fire, mold, and storm loss incidents. 


Water loss situations are common threats that often get underestimated and misdiagnosed in their severity. Without sophisticated discovery devices like thermohygrometers and infrared imagery, many Amityville property owners have no real understanding of the spread or saturation of exposed materials and inaccessible areas of their home or business. Our SERVPRO professionals utilize these tools not only to gain a non-invasive understanding of the spread of water effects throughout a property but also to check our progress and verify successes once we believe drying has been completed.

Specific materials are most at risk from exposure to standing water and spreading moisture. Water damage in Amityville homes can often concentrate on areas like your drywall and wood flooring, allowing both of these materials to absorb substantial volumes until they swell, distort, and deteriorate. We have drying mats and other specialized tools that can help to protect these elements when possible.

Improper drying is a situation our professionals often address in Amityville homes after unprofessional and unlicensed restoration work has taken place. We can quickly identify lingering concerns and work with our powerful drying tools and antimicrobial solution to both restore the damage and work to limit the possibility of mold growth. 


The recovery of fire loss incidents cannot often happen as quickly as they occurred in your Amityville home, and that is partially due to the multiple layers of hazardous and threatening effects to contend with spanning the entire property. Our team must address symptoms related to excessive heat, combustion, smoke, and soot, all of which require specialized equipment, products, and practices. 

Because of our extensive training and certifications through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), including accreditations as Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) and Odor Control Technicians (OCT), we can offer a knowledgeable and confident response to even significant loss incidents that affect Amityville homes. We encourage our fire recovery team to pursue multiple endorsements with the IICRC, as this can provide our customers with technicians that can single-handedly address all symptoms and effects of a recent fire, including water cleanup and structural drying.

Fire damage in Amityville homes and businesses can spread rapidly, posing a risk to the contents of your property. We have a full-service content management division that works independently from the recovery in your house to remove affected items to a safe location nearby. In our care, these removed possessions can get focused cleaning, deodorization, and safe storage in a climate-controlled environment.


We consistently strive to be among the premier remediation choices for the entire state of New York, and that starts with addressing the often-widespread mold damage in Amityville properties throughout specific humid points in the year. With many properties constructed with subterranean levels, it can be a challenge for these areas to get adequate sunlight and ventilation required to prevent ideal conditions for mold colonization entirely. Blockwork bleeds moisture over time, especially in the areas most prone to in-ground springs and dampness. 

With tourism a big part of the revenue that the area depends on, you cannot allow your restaurant or store to succumb to excessive humidity, either. While it might be difficult at first to spot colonization in your property, suspecting its presence can be enough to warrant our inspection and testing. You can count on our SERVPRO team to offer genuine and honest assessments and only encourage remediation when mold damage threatens your Amityville structure. 

Many of the homes in the Amityville area got constructed decades ago, and to protect your investments and the original materials, we have specialized approaches for remediation like soda blasting. These machines can remove the organism and kill mold spores without damaging the material hosting the colony. 


With our positioning against Great South Bay and the whole of the Atlantic Ocean, Amityville homes and businesses remain at nearly constant risk for substantially damaging weather events in every season of the year. From heavy snowfalls to hurricanes, our SERVPRO team has become equipped to handle it with confidence and the full measure of our parental company and nearby franchises when the need arises. 

Flooding is a typical threat following structural storm damage to Amityville properties, and these conditions must be addressed immediately. With a 24-hour emergency line our customers can reach, they are always within moments of getting our professionals mobilized and in route to recover damages and threats to a property – even amid the storm. We arrive with a broad array of extraction tools that we can tailor to the specific depth and severity of standing water on the premises from wet-vacs to gas-powered trash pumps. 

We understand how devastating storms can be to the Amityville area and beyond because we live here too. When disasters strike the coastline, we pull our resources together to help our neighbors return to their homes and businesses to preloss condition in a cost-effective and time-saving way. We intend to minimize our impact on your life and get things back to normal for you as promptly as possible. 

There are multiple types of threats and emergencies that our SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst team have addressed over the years, and we continue to be a constant factor in the lives of those needing premium restoration services. Regardless of how disasters occur, or their severity, we have the personnel and the substantial inventory of recovery and mitigation tools to make it “Like it never even happened.” You can count on us, and our team is available 24/7 by calling (631) 319-1680.

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Our Experts Can Save Your Home In Lindenhurst After A Water Damage Disaster

8/31/2019 (Permalink)

Tile flooring with water pooling and soaking in “Like it never even happened.”

Why SERVPRO Is Lindenhurst’s Water Damage Recovery Choice

Common causes of water loss in Lindenhurst are minor plumbing leaks, appliance malfunctions, tub or sink overflows, and spills. These scenarios are not dramatic, like ruptures of water mains or overland flooding. You might feel as though you should be able to clean up these water events without help, but such an approach is not advisable. Let our experts help to be sure that the crisis is completely averted.

Water Can Migrate in a Short Time
Water damage in your Lindenhurst home is rarely a tidy matter. Liquid water leaked or spilled keeps moving, seeping through cracks and collecting in building cavities. You might believe that mopping up the puddle under a sink or dropping a bath towel on a shower overspray cleans up all the water. Unfortunately, your belief is likely wrong. The proof arises days or weeks later with a whiff of a musty smell signaling mold growth under the cabinet or a collection of dark stains on the ceiling below the bathtub. Training and experience in tracing the migration are why our help is invaluable.

Moisture Meters and Thermal Imaging
Advancements in technology allow Lindenhurst water damage to head towards a full resolution. Dedication is why SERVPRO’s Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained technicians are experts in using thermal imaging to locate recesses in building cavities where leaked and spilled water collected. Once the trapped water is pinpointed, we choose a technique to release it. Water in a ceiling bulge might need a few weep holes carefully drilled or punched to let the fluid escape. A more substantial cache of water at floor level behind a wall might require a flood cut several inches above the water line to extract it and open the space for drying.

High Efficiency and Specialized Equipment
Bailing out a basement is not practical, which is why SERVPRO invests in submersible pumps and truck-mounted extractors. The efficiency of consumer versions is much less, and most households do not have them on hand. You need to purchase and learn to use them at a turbulent time.

We devote ourselves to water damage recovery, why SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst can help residents quickly restore a wet mess to “Like it never even happened.” Call our trained and well-equipped experts at (631) 319-1680 for a successful outcome when water damage is an issue.

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Why SERVPRO Uses Advanced Equipment to Fight Mold Damage in Affected Lindenhurst Homes

7/14/2019 (Permalink)

Let us fight your Lindenhurst mold issues.

SERVPRO knows how to knock mold right out!

Presence of mold colonies in a house can pose health risks and contribute to the deterioration of the structure, among other things. Tracing the source of the infestation and cleaning out the mold debris is essential for the restoration process, but it can be time-consuming or challenging depending on the extent of the infestation. Using advanced equipment to manage different aspects of the damage helps.

Apart from infestations that develop after the incidence of water loss, other cases of mold damage affecting Lindenhurst homes indicate an underlying moisture problem. Failure to fix such a problem can lead to recurrence even after cleaning all the mold colonies. Advanced moisture detection equipment help in the tracing of moisture in materials, ensuring that steps to dry them can be taken. Our SERVPRO technicians use moisture meters, moisture sensors with probes, and even thermal cameras to trace wet areas. We also fix minor leaks to cut the moisture supply.

Mold produces considerable debris from the multiplication of spores and the deterioration of the materials that it affects. Such debris can transfer from the affected areas to other parts of the house as people move in and out or through air currents. Creating physical barriers between the affected areas and the rest of the house using plastic sheets can help, but it might not be sufficient. Using sophisticated equipment such as negative air pressure systems offers a guarantee against debris transfer. SERVPRO technicians use negative air exhaust fans and negative air fan scrubbers with HEPA filtration to manage debris during the restoration process.

Mold is associated with a musty smell that can make your home feel uncomfortable. The smell develops from the chemical reactions that occur during the development of mold colonies. In case of severe infestations, the smell might linger even after cleaning all traces of mold necessitating specific deodorization steps. Our SERVPRO technicians use a wide variety of equipment to deal with odor problems, including:

Air Scrubbers

Venting Box Fans

Dry Fogging Equipment

Wet Fogging Equipment

For proper remediation of mold issues in Amityville, Copiague, and Farmingdale, call SERVPRO of Amityville / Lindenhurst to assist. You can reach us any time at (631) 319-1680. Our advanced equipment helps handle any aspect of the damage "Like it never even happened."

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