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Storm Damage Cleanup In Lindenhurst

When a storm causing flooding in your Lindenhurst home, you need to call the professionals at SERVPRO. Our team will arrive quickly and assess the damage. Next,... READ MORE

Amityville Extensive Water Damage

The frozen water in the pipe caused a split which then spewed a large volume of liquid into the attic crawlspace and walls. Amityville homeowners know that SERV... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Lindenhurst

Call our experts right after a water incident has damaged your commercial property in Lindenhurst. Our water damage experts are ready 24/7 to assist you with yo... READ MORE

Water Line Leak in Amityville

When even a small volume of water leaks from a fitting failure in the plumbing, the soaked floor needs fast attention. Why wait and have the water degrade the f... READ MORE

Another Amityville Horror! Fire Damage

The Before Photo illustrates the fire damage caused by a malfunctioning fireplace at this Amityville home. SERVPRO strongly recommends homeowners to have their ... READ MORE

Water Damage Repair In Farmingdale

When water has damaged your kitchen floor in your Farmingdale home, the team to call is SERVPRO. Our skilled technicians have the experience and advanced traini... READ MORE

Mold Damage in an Amityville Home

The spotting of mold development on the ceiling apron of this Amityville kitchen hid the extensive damage within the wall cavity. Fortunately, our SERVPRO appli... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Amityville Meeting Room

Commercial water damage in this Amityville hotel’s meeting room was caused by a busted water line during the night. The before photo illustrates how much ... READ MORE

Storm Damage Cleanup In Lindenhurst

Storm damage can spell big trouble for your Lindenhurst home. You can contact our storm damage experts 24/7. Our swift response will limit further damage, preve... READ MORE

Fire Damage In Lindenhurst

You can reach our professionals 24/7 if your Lindenhurst home experiences a fire. Our swift response will limit further damage and reduce your restoration costs... READ MORE